DUCK COAT THERMOPLASTIC RUBBER PATCH is a high performance, professional grade repair product that cures to a long lasting rubber-like film. This product remains flexible through extreme temperature ranges. Its non-sag property and exceptional adhesion makes this an ideal cement for vertical or horizontal construction and repair. This product is ideally suited for sealing cracks, holes and tears in built-up roofs and modified bitumen single plys.


 Metal Joints
 Vent Pipes
 Breaks in Roofing
 Bonded Roof Shingles
 Parapet Walls
 SBS Roof Systems



• Stops Roof Leaks Instantly
• Provides Long Lasting Protection
• Can Be Used on Wet or Dry Surfaces
• Dries White


Trim Nozzle to desired bead size. Puncture foil at innerbase of nozzle. Using a caulking gun, apply to a minimum wet thickness of 1/4”. Allow at least 24 hours to dry (32 ºF or higher and less than 50% humidity with no rain) before applying a surface coating. Use above or below grade. Coverage will vary with thickness of application but will approximate 30 lineal feet per cartridge (1/4” thick.) Clean up tools and hands with waterless hand cleaner.

Item NumberUnit SizeUnit Weight PackPack WeightSDS SheetTech Data Sheet
153183310 oz.75 lbs129 lbs