DUCK PATCH LIQUID RUBBER WALL PATCH is a highly elastomeric heavy-bodied polymer emulsion patch material featuring advanced rubber technology. It is ideal for filling holes and cracks in concrete basement walls as well as sealing corner wall joints and wall/floor joints.


• Exterior / Interior, Above / Below Grade Concrete Basement Walls
• Concrete Foundations
• Masonry
• Retaining Walls
• Poured Concrete Walls
• Cinder Blocks
• Styrofoam Boards
• Wood
• Metal


• Fills and Repairs Holes, Cracks in Concrete Basement Walls
• Seals Corner Wall and Wall/Floor Joints
• Provides a Highly Flexible rubber Long Lasting Repair
• Ideal for Interior or Exterior Use
• Easy to Apply
• Eco-Friendly Formula: Low Odor and Low VOC, Non-Toxic
• Dried Patch Material is Mold and Mildew Resistant
• Soap and Water Clean-up


Apply DUCK PATCH LIQUID RUBBER WALL PATCH with trowel or putty Knife. Fill holes and cracks and allow material to overlap onto sound surface beyond hole or crack. Level smooth with trowel or putty knife. Allow patch material to dry for 24 hours prior to coating with DUCK COAT LIQUID RUBBER BASEMENT SEALER or other suitable paint or coating. If needed, a second application of DUCK PATCH may be added for additional filling purposes. When sealing wall joints, DUCK PATCH should be applied at a minimum of ¼” thick with material extending at least ½” onto surface on each side of joint for adequate long-term adhesion.

H2986.9 gal9.7 lbs658.2 lbs