The best roof coating solution for the toughest conditions. DUCK COAT LIQUID THERMOPLASTIC RUBBER COATING is a white, highly elastomeric, thermoplastic rubber coating that provides a waterproof sealant over flat roofs. This product is formulated to hold up to ponding water conditions on flat roofs and can be installed on most roofing substrates. 


Up Roofing (BUR)
Rubber Roofs
• Concrete Roofs


• Highly Elastic – Withstands Roof Contractions and Expansions
• Superior Tensile Strength – Forms a Tough Rubber Membrane
• Highly Reflective Finish – Lowers Energy Costs
• Can be Applied in Cooler Temperatures – as Low as 35 ºF
• Freshly Applied Coating Unnaffected by Rain or Dew – No Wash-Off
• Dries Bright White


Stir Duck Coat thoroughly before and during application. DO NOT THIN. Clean surfaces thoroughly by brooming away dirt, debris, and loose particulate. Broom away excess water and allow roof surface to dry. Duck Coat can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Apply at a rate of 70 square feet per gallon per coat. Two coats are recommended for optimum performance. Allow Duck Coat to dry thoroughly between coats. Airless spray equipment shall be capable of producing 3,000 psi and 1 gallon per minute capacity. Recommended spray tip size is .025 to .035. Dry time of coating is dependent upon temperature (warmer temperature will result in faster dry time). Typical dry time is 2-4 hours. Typical re-coat time is 4-10 hours. Brush should be quality synthetic. Roller should be long nap for solvent based coatings.


Item NumberUnit SizeUnit Weight PackPack WeightSDS SheetTech Data Sheet
15318350.9 gallon9.6 lbs657.6 lbs
15318374.75 gallon49.5 lbs149.5 lbs