DUCK COAT LIQUID RUBBER BASEMENT SEALER is a highly elastic polymer emulsion sealer featuring advanced rubber technology. Duck Coat provides an impervious barrier to water and moisture that seeps in from the exterior of walls. Duck Coat forms a thick, gray highly elastomeric rubber membrane.


 Exterior / Interior, Above / Below Grade Wall Surfaces
 Concrete Foundations
 Concrete Basement Walls
 Masonry & Retaining Walls
 Poured Concrete Walls
 Cinder Blocks
 Styrofoam Boards


Highly Elastic – Expands and Contracts with Wall
Superior Tensile Strength – Forms Tougher Rubber Membrane
Dried Sealer Film is Mold and Mildew Resistant
Easy-To-Apply: Roller, Brush or Spray
Soap and Water Clean Up
Eco-Friendly Formula: Low Odor and  VOC, Non-Toxic
Paintable – Must Use Water-Based Paints
Won’t Crack or Chip


Stir material thoroughly before and during application. Apply DUCK COAT LIQUID RUBBER BASEMENT SEALER by roller (3/4” nap), brush or spray. Apply a minimum of two coats for adequate protection. A total of 2 gallons per 100 square feet must be applied to achieve optimum performance and protection. Be sure to work first coat of sealer into pores of wall with roller or brush. If spraying, be sure to back roll sealer with roller to work material into pores of wall. Allow sealer to dry completely between coats before applying additional coats. If needed, apply more than 2 coats to achieve recommended coverage of 2 gallons total application per 100 square feet. Make sure there are no pinholes in dried coating. When finished, the dried rubber sealer membrane should be at least the thickness of a dime laid flat.

Item NumberUnit SizeUnit Weight PackPack WeightSDS SheetTech Data Sheet
5507950 4.75 gallon51.5 lbs151.5 lbs