The White Roof Coating that Stands Up to Ponding Water

Duck Coat is a white, highly elastomeric, thermoplastic rubber coating that provides a waterproof sealant over flat roofs. Duck Coat is formulated to hold up to ponding water conditions on flat roofs. Duck Coat can be installed on most roofing substrates including Built-Up Roofing (BUR), Metal, Concrete, EPDM Rubber, TPO, APP, Modified Bitumen, Polyurethane Foam, PVC, Asphalt, Wood and more. Duck Coat can be applied in cooler temperatures as low as 35 ºF. Duck Coat helps extend the life of the roof and reduce building energy costs by increasing solar reflectance. Wet, freshly applied Duck Coat will not wash off even if rain occurs immediately after application.


• Highly Elastic - Withstands Roof Contractions & Expansions
• Superior Tensile Strength - Forms a Tough Rubber Membrane
• Highly Reflective Finish - Lowers Energy Costs
• Can be Applied in Cooler Temperatures - as Low as 35 ºF
• Freshly Applied Coating Unnaffected by Rain or Dew - No Wash-Off

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